The 55 Ticket Team Difference

When you hire 55 Ticket Team you are hiring a team of ATTORNEYS to defend you.  Actual ATTORNEYS prepare your case, not just paralegals and office staff like in many other ticket companies. Most of the time, at those other companies, the attorney only sees your file the day you are due in court, hoping that luck in on his side.

At 55 Traffic Team our ATTORNEYS work on your case from day one. WE investigate your case and come up with a comprehensive game plan, exploiting the weakness in the Government’s case against you.

By hiring 55 Ticket Team to defend you, you save time, money, stress, and most importantly your license.

Over 90%   Success Rate !!

Don’t Just Plead Guilty and Pay Your Traffic Ticket Before Reading This!


  • If you plead guilty and pay your fines, you automatically lose your case and you are subject to the consequences of that violation. This means new and/or additional points on your driving record, increases in your insurance premiums, and the possibility of being labeled a (negligent driver because you have more than 2 points) or worse, have your license suspended because you now have over 3 points on your driving record.
    At 55 Ticket Team we defend all California traffic ticket violation. We can help.
  • In California Insurance Premiums are ridiculous to start with, but with additional points and a conviction on your record, they are going to skyrocket. Many times, insurance rates double or triple for people who don’t fight their tickets. Not only will your insurance company see your points at the time of renewal and jack up your rates, other insurance companies will not insure you for at least 3 years.
  • Plead guilty, Points are automatic. And the points stay on your record for three years.
  • Costs you more in the long run as well as the short term. Short term. Plead guilty, you must pay the fine.  A fine which you don’t have to pay if we get your ticket dismissed.  Long Run: A guilty plea means higher insurance premiums for at least 3-5 years.  The savings in insurance premiums more than pays the cost to fight your ticket.
  • All the time and effort wasted by going to court, dealing with the insurance company and having to attend traffic school.  Not to mention all the time on the bus if your license is suspended.  You save time and money by fighting your ticket.